About Us



Kokí Swimwear was established in 2012 by Puerto Rican fashion designer Mei-Ling T. Millet. The arts have always been present from the time she was born. She inherited her talent and love for the arts from her mother as well as her grandfather the late Jorge Millet.

While in high school she focused her energy in fashion while attending the Saturday Live Fashion Program at the Fashion Institute & Technology in New York City as well, as Lisa Thons’ School of Design in San Juan, Puerto Rico. These two experiences redefined her love for the fashion industry.

During her tenure at Miami International University of Art & Design Mei-Ling focused all of her energy on mastering her craft. In 2008, all her hard work paid off by graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design.

At the conclusion of her college career, Mei-Ling embarked on a new journey. Influenced by her past experiences living between Puerto Rico and New Jersey, Mei-Ling decided to fuse these cultural experiences into her own swimwear line. As a way to pay homage to her Puerto Rican roots, Mei-Ling came up with a logo that would represent the tiny frog of the island called Coquí. Thus, Kokí Swimwear was born.

 final-copy.png THE BRAND

 A provocative blend between high fashion and a splash of an island life makes Koki Swimwear a brand that will capture the attention of swimwear lovers across the world. Each piece is hand-crafted and only a certain number will be produced to give our clientele that one of a kind experience and exclusivity that they seek. When creating Kokí Swimwear we wanted to achieve not only a stylish and fashion forward design, but also functionality, quality, and durability. Our collection is made from high quality fabrics and materials.